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Let’s get to Business! Gorgeous outfit for the Office.




Daily Habits for the Office that will Improve your Career


  • Always respond to co-workers immediately
  • send your co-workers a birthday e-mail if you know its their birthday
  • give your boss and the co-workers you directly work with a little something for their birthday (like a fancy cupcake or their favorite Starbucks,who doesn’t like cupcakes?!?)
  • respond to e-mails and phone calls ASAP
  • keep your desk and office neat and clean
  • keep a to-do list
  • keep a planner with appointments, meetings, and due dates
  • always be punctual (or even better early) for work and appointments
  • always look clean, up kept and professional
  • do not gossip or spend too much time chit chatting
  • do not be seen not working or being on your phone
  • show a friendly and positive attitude to others
  • do not talk too much about your personal life and problems- keep work at work and your personal life at home
  • go above and beyond
  • always take the opportunity to improve, and learn
  • listen to NPR while working (you’ll appear up to date on current affairs and educated as hell)
  • always look interested- take notes all the time (in meetings, how to do things so you don’t have to ask twice, and whatever you can’t remember)

Branding: You!

Your Personal Brand 

“Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

In today’s economy, jobs are scarce and competition has become more brutal. Everyone is working harder than ever to be the best. Everyone is trying to show off how well-rounded they are. All of the sudden, your competition is fiercer than you anticipated and you are surrounded by people who are just as talented as you. So, how do you stand out when everyone around you is a winner? You have to be you! Dare to be yourself! Be the authentic you. Do not try and change yourself. In matter of fact accentuate those traits that make you unique. In my case, I can get super, super hyper and come up with the craziest ideas. In school teachers always told me to calm down. But now, it is one of my biggest selling points in an interview. I bring in so much energy into the room and companies love it! Your unique features are the one thing that you have been trying to change your whole life. Completely embrace yourself from the inside and out. Dress how you want to be, act how you want to be, and be who you want to be.

Use Social Media to help build your brand!

Let’s be real ladies, times are changing and social media is just growing like crazy. If you want to be successful and get a job, you have to manage your digital footprint. Don’t let social media become your enemy by posting inappropriate stuff. Rather, let it help you open doors to new opportunities.

Here are some techniques to get started:

  • utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and online forums to your advantage. Contribute to conversations and forums about the industry that you are interested in. You never know where that might lead to. And always leave a link to your LinkedIn account so employers can find you.
  • start a blog in the industry that you are interested in! If you want to get into the finance field, make a blog on how to manage money.
  • advertise your blog by connecting it to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Caution: Do not under any circumstances make your address known online. Phone number and e-mail is ok, but always avoid your address! The same goes with checking in at places. Do not make it a frequent habit of constantly telling everyone where you are. Do it only for special occasions a few times a year. People are crazy and they do crazy, stupid things. So be safe, be smart!

What to Wear when it says ‘Business Professional’



I’m in the Professional Selling Program at my University. They are still very old-fashioned and require the girls to wear a matching top and bottom suit. Picture a woman in a full grey suit… Boring!! We women got stuck with this matching suit concept, because that’s what the men do. But men look good in a suit, while we look frumpy and grandma. I have met many successful business females and only 10% of them actually wear a matching suit. So why not buy a yellow jacket and wear it with a black skirt/pants? Why not wear a white skirt and a navy blue blazer? With jewelry, a cute blouse/shirt and the cute heels, you all of a sudden look like a successful, confident lady. Why would anyone try to hide behind a boring grey suit?? So do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Be daring and buy yourself a two colored suit. Where I find my business attire: Express, H&M, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Zara


Next, we have to talk about heels. There is nothing more of a pet peeve of mine than girls showing up in platform heels. Are you trying to get into someone’s pants?? Did you miss the entrance to the bar? And then to make it worse, the same girls usually are wearing a black mini skirt instead of a knee length business skirt… I mean come on… why even show up to that business meeting?? It’s a lethal combination in the business world. You can wear high heels, but don’t get a ones with a platform in the front. Everything has its time and place, and the business setting isn’t one of them for those shoes. I have these gorgeous 4 inch heels from Steve Madden that do not have a platform. They are still super high and give you a sexy foot, but do not scream stripper. You want to look classy, smart and confident, while still playing up your femininity. At the same time, do not buy heels your grandma would wear. We would just be going back to boring. And you’re not boring. So why advertise yourself like you are? Rule of thumb: if a stripper or your grandma would wear them, don’t wear them in the business world. Good designers: Steve Madde, Nine West, Aldo, Vince Camuto, Zara

The right accessories: 

So here is the low down on the jewelry. Don’t go overboard with jumbo earrings, a huge necklace, 20 bracelets and a ring on every finger. I like to balance it all out. If I am wearing a big necklace, I’ll wear studs and a big ring. If I’m wearing a simplistic necklace, I’ll wear big earrings. a big bracelet and a simple ring. Jewelry is all just a balancing act. When in doubt, go simple with a pearl necklace and earrings.

Now to the purse. I love carrying a statement, timeless purse such as Michael Kors Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote. Make it compliment your outfit! For instance, I like to match my bag with my shoes and belt. But that I just my personal style. Others like to through a completely different colored bag in to spice up their outfit.

In terms of matching colors, my philosophy is to at least match your belt and shoes. If I’m wearing green shoes, I’ll wear a green belt and a green necklace or earrings along with it (of course all the same shade of green), but will keep my bag a neutral color such as white. But if I’m wearing a skirt and blazer, I’ll try to wear a green shirt to match my shoes and neutral earrings. It simply all depends on the outfit, but try to keep things color coordinated so you don’t look like a rainbow when walking into a meeting or interview.

Let’s Get Ready!

6fa3817c54adf42ad18056be346b7ab3Are you getting ready to dive into the big world of business professionals? After being in the Professional Selling Program at UCF and being confronted with a whole network of business professionals, I definitely learned how to walk the walk, and talk the talk. I have all the answers you need in order to ensure you to stand out. Just follow my guidance and you’ll be a rockstar!

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