Food Matters

This amazing documentary can be seen for free on Netflix. It has literally changed my perspective on food and the Food and Drug industry. I believe that our bodies could be so much stronger if we just gave it the tools (sleep, food and exercise) it needs. Everything that we put into our body must be processed which sounds so obvious, but think of what’s actually in our foods that you are taking in (think of soda, fries, candy, crackers, salad sauce, tomato sauce, etc.). Your body is absorbing all the food dyes, the preservation chemicals and artificial flavors that were created in labs. It is trying to break down our food and absorb the nutrients, however, in place of vitamins you have chemicals. Our bodies are not meant to process so many chemicals as we eat, therefore toxic waste begins to build up in our body, making us sick. The body does not get the nutrients it needs to take care of itself. It needs its vitamins and minerals to get rid of toxins, fight viruses and/or bacteria and be able to heal from within. I highly encourage everyone to start researching what the food your consuming is made of and what nutritional value it has. You will begin to learn how little you know what you are actually eating, how bad it is for you and how nutrient deficient you actually are. We can’t keep relying on modern medicine to keep us healthy. Because in the end, medicine just treats the symptoms of nutrient deficiency- not the actual problem. Check out the trailer to this documentary and some great quotes from the movie!

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