Daily Habits for the Office that will Improve your Career


  • Always respond to co-workers immediately
  • send your co-workers a birthday e-mail if you know its their birthday
  • give your boss and the co-workers you directly work with a little something for their birthday (like a fancy cupcake or their favorite Starbucks,who doesn’t like cupcakes?!?)
  • respond to e-mails and phone calls ASAP
  • keep your desk and office neat and clean
  • keep a to-do list
  • keep a planner with appointments, meetings, and due dates
  • always be punctual (or even better early) for work and appointments
  • always look clean, up kept and professional
  • do not gossip or spend too much time chit chatting
  • do not be seen not working or being on your phone
  • show a friendly and positive attitude to others
  • do not talk too much about your personal life and problems- keep work at work and your personal life at home
  • go above and beyond
  • always take the opportunity to improve, and learn
  • listen to NPR while working (you’ll appear up to date on current affairs and educated as hell)
  • always look interested- take notes all the time (in meetings, how to do things so you don’t have to ask twice, and whatever you can’t remember)

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