Why I choose a Toned, Curvy Body over Skinny any day.


As women, we tend to constantly focus on what we’re eating. Every time we eat cake or any sweets, we always have to make a point of saying “OMG I shouldn’t be eating this.” or “OMG I’m getting so fat.”, or any other fat related comment. But really, if you are healthy and working out on the regular basis, that slice of double chocolate cake shouldn’t matter. If you translated all the energy that you are wasting fussing about what you eat and how “fat” you feel, to working out, you would have the body that you always wanted. Being  skinny and not working out, is not only not healthy, but its this fake illusion all women strive for. We think that if we’re skinny, we are going to be happier, sexier, more fun, a better person, etc. But really, if you don’t workout you won’t see any of that. Skinny people are still unhappy. They have depression and anxiety and a poor outlook on life, poor energy, etc. Just because they can fit in a size 2, doesn’t make them any happier than someone heavier. Studies have proven that if you work out:

– your depression and anxiety goes down

– you have a positive outlook on life and it helps build your self confidence and body image

– it helps fight heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and even some forms of cancer (!!!)

– you have improved brain capability and memory

– you have more energy to get things done

– stress levels significantly decline

Isn’t that what we all really want and are looking for? But instead of just biting the bullet, we think of every possible way to not move our bodies (hence the bazillion different diets and magic pills). Think of dogs that doesn’t get enough exercise. Don’t they become more aggressive and start to misbehave? And how happy are those dogs when they get a chance to go for a walk? That should be you. You should be jumping for excitement to get your body moving!  I will write another post soon about how to get yourself motivated to get your ass moving (in case my post didn’t do so already ;)). So be on the lookout for that. But in the meantime, try to get yourself moving, even if its just a walk in your neighborhood for an hour, everything and anything helps! And be excited! 🙂






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