Enhance your Workouts with my favorite Gym Tools!


“Strong Curves- A Woman’s Guide to a Better Butt and Body”

My friend told me about this book, so I downloaded it on to my phone (which was annoying to read, but will be great for the gym when referencing back to the exercises). It comes with a great 12 week booty challenge which is easy to understand and follow! Since I love going to the gym, I really liked this book. It gives you  great exercises to do which specifically target a women’s trouble zones.

MyFitnessPal App + GetRunning App

I also use the MyFitnessPal App to document my caloric intake and the GetRunning App to help me with my training. MyFitnessPal is super easy to use even for people who have never counted calories before! You can document everything from how many glasses of water you had to the amount of calories you burned in the day.

The GetRunning App is a great resource for people who struggle running and looking at their time at the same time. The app will literally navigate you through the whole exercise and it will even tell you when you reached the half of your run so you can run back home.


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