Does and Don’ts of the Gym:

– Don’t leave sweat on equipment. Every gym has some sort of sanitary equipment, so grab it and clean your mess up. You might want to wipe it down before too… You never know…

– Don’t hog machines for too long. See if there are any time limits or sign-up sheets to reserve equipment. You don’t want to be rude by stepping on an elliptical when someone reserved it, or be on there for 4 hours when there is a 30 min time limit.

– Don’t talk on the phone with your girlfriends. If it’s important, make it brief. Simply say that you are at the gym and you will call them back. I hate when I’m trying to use a machine and girls are just sitting there all like: “Well and then he said… then she was like… and then he did… What? OMG!… He did what?…” Like I don’t care, get off my machine.

– Don’t leave your weights lying around. Even though us girls might not be using the heaviest of weights, it’s simple rude to not clean up after yourself. So just do it- don’t be lazy at the gym…

– Don’t hover over the machines- respect people’s space. If you’re waiting for someone to be done, don’t stand so close to him/her that you make him or her feel uncomfortable. Respect everyone’s personal bubble. You will get your turn.

– Do use the lockers. They are there for a reason. You don’t have to lug around your purse everywhere with you. Usually there isn’t enough space to keep your bag with you and not bother other people. Plus it’s just weird and people will stare in a bad way. So don’t be weird, there is nothing in there that you could possibly need.

– Do bring a towel. You’ll sweat (or at least you’re supposed to) and you will want to wipe your face off so you don’t drip around. That is just gross and I don’t want to slip and fall in your sweat. So bring a towel. Thanks 🙂

– Don’t be smelly. As in wear deodorant and apply it generously. We don’t need to know your natural body odor. But on the same note, don’t lather up on perfume either.  I’d like to breathe air and not perfume while I’m trying to catch my breathe.

– Don’t be a skank at the gym. Don’t have your cleavage popping out and your ass coming out of your ass. We get it, you’re single and ready to mingle, as if that wasn’t already obvious by your 3 sizes too small attire. If your goal is to turn heads, you definitely are just not in a good way. You can wear tight gym clothes just make sure everything stays inside during your workouts please. We’re trying to be classy here.

– Don’t show up late to group classes. This is my biggest pet peeve. We get it, you couldn’t find parking, your sneakers, your car keys, or whatever your excuse is. But please show respect to those that did manage to be on time and do not show up more than 5 minutes after the class began. If you end up being too late, just hit the machines instead and get your workout in that way! 🙂


Have an amazing workout! ❤


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