Gym Essentials

  • UntitledWater bottle– this is so essential, I can’t stress it enough. I drink about 3 bottles of water every time I go. My favorite water bottle is the Bobble. I find it way better than the Britta bottle version. Not only is the Bobble more sanitary because you have to change out the head every time you change the filter, but it also doesn’t leak. I had countless Britta water bottles and they all ended up leaking with age. Plus, you can change the color of your bobble with every new filter! Filtered water is a lot healthier than any water out of your sink and fridge. Especially here in Florida, the water tastes of chlorine, and that gets filtered out with the Bobble/Britta. Once you go filtered, you can never go back.
  • A lock– All gyms have lockers. Some have built in locks and others require you to bring your own lock. They are really cheap; just a few bucks at Wal-Mart and you can lock up your wallet, car keys, bag, etc. It is so annoying to carry around your wallet and car keys to every new machine you go and it is so easy to lose/steal (and people will steal your phone and/or wallet while working out). Save yourself the worry and get a lock! —– P.S: they have super cute pink locks! Who wouldn’t want a pink lock?!
  • An armband sleeve for your iPhone/whatever-music-device-you-use– Gyms usually do play music, but the music they play can be super demotivating sometimes. Especially when it gets into some sappy crap, I just want to find the person that put that playlist together and ask them how that is even remotely motivating for them… Anyways, get an armband sleeve and play music that will get you pumped. On that note, also invest in some good headphones. They have some super sporty ones available that are synced through Bluetooth or some other crazy magical/technical way. Or, if you want to save yourself the radiation, good old cable will do too.
  • A towel– lets face it ladies, we sweat. I know we don’t want it to be true, but we do. So now that we let the cat out of the bag, bring a towel to the gym. When I go for a run on the track, I have sweat dripping of my face. It’s gross, but if you’re not breaking a sweat you’re not working out hard enough. Guys won’t judge you if you have sweat stains on your shirt, which is obviously our biggest concern. In matter of fact, they might actually find it more attractive. You are not one of those girls that just go to the gym and peddling around on the bikes while chatting with your girlfriends on the phone and then boasting about how long you were at the gym. You take your workout seriously and that’s sexy. So sweat, and dry it off- don’t be gross and just drip around. Oh, and please grab a fresh towel per gym session. You don’t want to be wiping your face off with old sweat and dirt… I won’t go into detail of the gross things that could come from that.
  • A small duffel bag– Just to give you a reason to go shopping, get yourself a cute bag to keep your gear. If you plan on showering there, plan accordingly of the things you need (and bring rubber flip-flops, people have gross feet). But PLEASE make sure to get all the stinky and wet things out of your bag once you get home. Workout attire can get very smelly very fast especially if it has no air and you don’t want a surprise stench when you open the bag.

Enjoy your workout! 


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